Well, here I am, a newbie to blogging but not writing.
I basically did this because I was starting to get really fed up of all the inane and stupid things the moderators and admin of FanFiction.net kept doing and then I started to notice that all my favourite authors, at least those who had emotions/feelings that could be and were hurt by flamers and morons, were slowly leaving, at first as trickles and then more and more.

And well, since the Admins of FanFiction.net keep messing up and ruining everything they could quite possibly destroy I finally decided it was time to give up the ghost, I’ve given them over a years worth of chances to improve things but the opposite has been happening and I’m now too tired and busy with REAL LIFE [which they don’t have, obviously] to even remotely bother pandering to whiny brats who complain about anything that even remotely infringes on what they deem proper or by the rules.

I’ve been having doubts about staying there for almost a year or so now, even before the robot-reporter problem and the SOPA/PIPA issue – since it seems that more and more people are leaving and joining blogs like WordPress I decided I should give it a go, after all, there’s no way it could be any worse than FanFiction.
Besides this will be good practise for an assignment I have to do in a few weeks, which has to do with creating and running a blog – if I like it enough I might move everything and get rid of my FanFiction account or at least spend more time here – sorry for any punctuation or grammar problems, it’s rather late as I type this